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    What platforms is the game being released on?
    Xbox360, PS3 and PC

    When is the release date?
    May 2012

    Is the game a first person or third person shooter?
    Third person and first person for sniping

    Will there be online?

    Will there be a multiplayer?
    Yes - Two player onlilne co-op has been announced so far...

    The modes are:

    Kill Tally – As waves of enemies storm in players must race against the clock to eliminate as many as possible in order to achieve the highest possible kill count.

    Bombing Run – Gamers must escape a scheduled bombing run but the only getaway vehicle is broken. Before the bombs fall, the area must be searched for parts and fuel while remaining unseen.

    Overwatch – Players combine separate skillsets as a sniper and an operative and work in tandem to take out enemies.

    Campaign – Fans play through the single-player campaign with a friend.[/list]

    What are the PC system requirements?

    Windows Vista and Windows 7 - support DX10 &11

    Will there be a demo?
    Yes - more info on this will be coming later

    How is the harder difficulty made harder?
    The hardest difficulty setting will strip away all the support players receive on the easier settings and provides a fully realistic simulation, meaning you will have to judge everything from wind adjustments to bullet drop

    What does the ballistics system include?

    Gravity, bullet drop and cross winds need to be taken into consideration - so you'll need to aim above and to the side of your target to compensate.

    How many bullet cam sequences are there?
    The clips are not pre-rendered, so we don’t know! We have counted 125... but expect more than 500

    Is this game historically accurate?
    The story is inspired by true events. It focuses on real life scenarios. The action takes place at the end of WWII within the brain race to steal Nazi V2 tech.

    Will there be pre-order bonus material?
    Yes - more information will be coming on this later

    Do the Germans speak German and the Russians Russian?

    What language support will there be?
    Language support for English, French, Italian, German and Spanish initially, with Russian ad Polish support appearing for PC version.